Amaze students with Tweedback

Tweedback is a web-based live feedback system, whose main purpose is to improve the exchange between listeners and instructors especially in lectures with large numbers of participants.

More participation in the lecture by interactive features like the panic button, quiz or chatwall.
No app, no download. Start directly and without registration right here in the browser.
Smartphone, laptop or tablet - Tweedback works everywhere.

Participate in a lecture

To participate, please enter the Lesson-ID provided by your docent.

Lectures of this browser

Tweedback Features


Gives you as docent the possibility to adress a multiple choice question to your audience. Afterwards your audience can choose one of the possible answers and vote for it.


Allows the audience to adress a question to the docent during the lecture. Only if enough auditors rank the question as important, it will send to the speaker.


Enables the students to give reponse during the lecture if anything goes wrong.